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We are having problems with our main phone line. G. Read more about the EnvEuro Master programme and how to apply in the side menu. If you have a technical bachelor degree, you may wish to choose business courses. The MSc in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen is a two-year programme taught in English. That is how E-business adds value. It features an introduction to environmental science,, and finally a Masters thesis in environmental science. However, E-business may also be about public authorities and other types of organisations using digital platforms to communicate, create attention, activate and involve the audience.

More and more companies and organisations integrate E-business in their strategies, be it permanent solutions or short-term solutions in the context of a campaign. PLEASE NOTE: E-business is the only master programme at CBS which enrols students twice a year. Link to the application. The backgrounds of our E-business students are very diverse, and they hold very different bachelor degrees.

E-business is primarily a programme, which links practical business understanding with an understanding of different types of digital platforms for trade, information, and communication - often with a focus on interaction. The aim of the Master's Programme in Anthropology is to provide a theoretical further education with thematic and regional specialisation, as well as experience in research methodology (e. This diversity also means that this programme makes it possible for you to compose your own personal programme of courses of your particular interest and which supplement the knowledge you already possess. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The application period for EU/EEA students is now open until April 6st 7567. You will for instance get to work with issues such as the following: E-business may apply to traditional companies who wish to communicate or sell their products on the internet. Students with design, IT and business backgrounds who collaborate all have experience from other places, which may benefit others and create more advanced and deliberate solutions than on an individual basis. This diversity is a quality in itself and our students learn a lot from each other.

Naturally, E-business includes all types of digital technology and digital platforms, for instance traditional websites, apps, social media, internal business systems, or new, emerging platforms. In general, suitable E-business solutions are about bringing players, ideas and markets together in a new way and to create user-oriented communication supporting the strategic goals of the company or organisation. The MSc in Anthropology culminates in a thesis, material for which is collated through fieldwork. On the other hand, if you have a business degree, it would benefit you to take courses that supplement your technical understanding.   The autumn semester runs from the beginning of September to the end of November with exams in December and January, while the spring semester runs from the beginning of February to the end of April with exams in May and June.

EnvEuro is a two-year European Master Programme in Environmental Science, offered by four leading European universities. This programme teaches you to develop and work with digital solutions - all very different, however, with the common characteristic that the user is put first. Click on the Linkedin logo to join the MDMa Linkedin group for current and former students of Master of Disaster Management at the University of Copenhagen and Lund's University. It is thus possible to begin in autumn or spring.

Bachelor thesis copenhagen business school. At CBS, you will discover that we discuss issues in a very practical way, and you will work with other students in groups on finding solutions based on real-life cases. If you have questions concerning content, study environment or admission to CBS Master programmes you are welcome to contact us. While IT solutions in other contexts often are about doing things faster or cheaper, E-business is also about doing something, which has not been done before - or make existing solutions better.