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 Current publications are available in PDF format. Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience, if you choose to continue then we will assume that you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. Co. Faa. Your piece was good enough that I recognize I sometimes have gotten short shrift from ATC due to some communications ineptitude. It s that time of year again in North America: Summer is upon us and there s nothing we can do about it without a passport, even if we wanted to. Quality Assurance, Compliance Monitoring, Audits, Auditor Skills, Management Assessments, Exposition Reviews, Product Certification Audits. When the curriculum gets around to risk-management topics, one of the hazardous attitudes we learn about in ground school is invulnerability.

As trusted advisors to businesses, armed forces, governments and regulators across all sectors of aviation, we help to advance best practice, shape safety thinking and drive continuous improvement to safety performance through our consulting, training and outsourced services. For these titles there is a link to TSO on the publication information page or you can contact them directly: Each publication should include contact details for issues relating to the content. Caa. The first transmission I heard was a pilot saying something like.

Aviation Safety Academy and In-Company Training Courses for Personal and Organisational Competence Development. And we have four hours of fuel aboard. After a controller gave me a frequency change for the next controller, I switched over and listened, which I always do when coming onto a new frequency. Hmmm.

Uk/CAPXXXXPrinted copies of selected titles are available to buy from The Stationary Office (TSO) who sell them on our behalf. Thank you for addressing the issue of VFR flight following ( Hacking VFR Flight Following, May 7567)! The thing is this trait isn t necessarily about feeling as if we ourselves are bulletproof, but rather the notion that bad things happen to people other than ourselves. In my experience, it s rare for anyone to talk about their fuel availability on an ATC frequency unless there s an emergency in progress and ATC wants to know souls and endurance.

This page was originally published at: https: //www. More good news is that the number of reasons to hop in an airplane and go somewhere will grow. Most pilots will spend their time on surfaces free of undulations, slope and aircraft damaging debris, so it was good to be reminded of how the surface interacts with my flying. I was motoring home from New Orleans a couple of months ago, sliding eastbound along the shoreline, IFR at 9555 feet.

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An item you didn t address was the loss, and subsequent efforts to reestablish, radio contact en route. Aviation safety research papers. We are specialists in aviation regulations, compliance and safety management and partner with the world’s leading civil and defence aviation organisations to improve safety performance. Gov/data_research/research/ I have been a victim of this more than once. . Regulations, Initial & Continuing Airworthiness, CAMO, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Air Operations, MAOS.