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They may not have thought about how to quantify it or how to justify the needed research with respect to other agency or national priorities. Appendix IV consists of an explanation of all the steps involved in the production of an actual student's research paper, from selecting a topic, finding sources, and taking notes, to writing and revision of the final paper. D. Smith, Ph. Lymphatic tissue can also stimulate growth of some types of beneficial gut bacteria, providing further evidence that the appendix may serve as a safe house for helpful gut bacteria. Place the title of the appendix on the next line. The human, a narrow pouch that projects off the cecum in the digestive system, has a notorious reputation for its tendency to become inflamed (appendicitis), often resulting in surgical removal. As ALS progresses, neurons are unable to send impulses to muscles, making voluntary muscle movement difficult, including standing, walking and sitting, as well as speaking and swallowing.

The categories below are based on those of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, but they should be adaptable to any research funding program. Instead, they found that species with an appendix have higher average concentrations of lymphoid (immune) tissue in the cecum. Collection, analysis, and compilation of current best practices for the design of roundabouts for U. , Associate Professor, Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, is currently studying the evolution of the appendix across mammals. Several other mammal species also have an appendix, and studying how it evolved and functions in these species may shed light on this mysterious organ in humans. Here’s a general rule: the more deeply you are involved in a particular subject, the harder it is for you to step back and see the big picture.

They mapped the data onto a phylogeny (genetic tree) to track how the appendix has evolved through mammalian evolution, and to try to determine why some species have an appendix while others don t. This suggests that the appendix likely serves an adaptive purpose. The research needed might be obvious to them but difficult to describe to non-specialists. You may be tempted to title your research statement something like this. This finding suggests that the appendix may play an important role as a secondary immune organ. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) gives detailed instructions on creating an appendix in APA style.

Title each appendix. A serious problem to them might not even be on a decision maker’s radar screen. S. In particular, it may serve as a reservoir for beneficial gut bacteria. When a table constitutes an entire appendix, place the word Appendix (followed by a capital letter, if appropriate) on the first line. Appendix for research paper.

For example: the authors used a measure of self esteem (see Appendix C). Although it is widely viewed as a vestigial organ with little known function, recent research suggests that the appendix may serve an important purpose. Looking at ecological factors, such as diet, climate, how social a species is, and where it lives, they were able to reject several previously proposed hypotheses that have attempted to link the appendix to dietary or environmental factors. Dr. Smith s international research team gathered data on the presence or absence of the appendix and other gastrointestinal and environmental traits for 588 mammal species. APA papers may have more than one appendix. ALS is a neurodegenerative disease in which motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord are damaged.

They also found that animals with certain shaped ceca (tapering or spiral-shaped) were more likely to have an appendix than animals with a round or cylindrical cecum. Therefore, they concluded that the appendix isn t evolving independently, but as part of a larger cecoappendicular complex including both the appendix and cecum. If you are including more than one appendix, label them Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, etc. Writing an effective research statement is not a simple matter, even to transportation practitioners who face serious problems and challenges on a daily basis. Insert a citation for each appendix as you write the paper. .

This document was written to provide some guidance on developing research statements for funding consideration. Double space everything. The first alternative might be a good title for a PhD thesis the second title is a far better choice for a research statement. They discovered that the appendix has evolved independently in several mammal lineages, over 85 separate times, and almost never disappears from a lineage once it has appeared. Provides correct citation forms for both notes and bibliography according to the Humanities version of the Chicago Manual Style. , with A being the first appendix mentioned in the text. Heather F. The appendix might contain an unpublished questionnaire or test, a long table, a computer program you developed or details of an experimental procedure. Roadways and how those design elements will impact safety, capacity, and contribute to effective traffic management objectives.