An essay about arranged marriage

But in case of love marriage there are higher expectations from both the sides. In arranged marriages, the burden and responsibility of choosing the right person is shared by elders of the family. Though, surviving an arranged marriage is even tougher. As one can see, arranged marriage plays a very important role in the culture of India. New customs are embraced by the youth readily but the age old customs and family values are still a priority in our society. I believe that arranged marriages are a social injustice. Looks certainly play a large role in arranged marriages. It is said that the individuals have a choice in arranged marriages.

It helps the duo to know each other well, before taking the crucial decision of life. Arranged marriages have less divorce rate rather then western marriages. Hence, in times of need family stand by and help to resolve any conflict or crisis situation. But independence covets highest degree of responsibility also. In a traditional Indian arranged marriage there is a matchmaker called a Nayan (Prakasa 76). The debate on this issue is difficult because the views differ greatly depending on your culture. The arranged marriage is more like an influenced marriage-. In the arranged world they say marriage first love after. An essay about arranged marriage. However, there are other parts of the world where the concept of arranged marriages is the norm.

In love marriage, the two individuals can easily sail through tough times if they have real faith in each other. And during this period they learn to compromise and accept each other as they are. Since arranged marriages are considered a sacred tradition, it can be a very sensitive subject for some people. If you think about it, the difference between forced marriages and arranged marriages are little to none. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for them to search a groom on their own. However, there are also many negatives concerning arranged marriages. The two people getting married often do not know each other, and have no choice in the matter. Some arranged marriages are survivals and some go through hell. What is the difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage? On the other hand Love marriages are considered more of as western influence.

They are well aware about the qualities and shortcomings of each other. . Yet the debate about whether arrange marriage or love marriage is better than the other will last for times to come. There are no sure shot rules for a successful marriage. When the two unknown individuals come together to tie the nuptial knots, they don't have any expectations from each other. Love marriage is more acceptable and comprehensible to the modern generation. Knowing and understanding each other takes a significant duration of time. In arranged marriages, any such advantage is missing. Even the young boys are also expected to mutely follow the decision taken by elders related to their marriage. Serena Nanda, a prominent anthropologist, composed an essay about how the Indian culture arranges marriages.

For that matter, arranged marriages would not be able to lead to a good outcome. Neither are there any set methods that guarantee 655% success rate. Arranged marriages should not happen because it will change the individuals. There are different customs and traditions that are followed in different societal set-ups. Any such cover or support is generally missing in love marriage. Though, the couple does possess an advantage of knowing each other but the circumstances and responsibilities change after marriage. Though, the concept is now acceptable in the modern societal set ups but it is still not embraced heartedly in rural parts of the country. Therefore, a new genre of love cum arranged marriages has emerged, which is a perfect blend of the two worlds. Otherwise also, girl's consent is not considered compulsory in orthodox society. The modern Indian society is in a state of transition.

Many couples find it hard to adapt to the changing scenario and expect the things to move in the same direction as they were before marriage. This is one of the main reasons that later lead to unjustified and unreasonable demands put up by both the sides. Coming to arranged marriages, they offer more protection and security to the women. Most of the times, it is the newly-wed bride who has to suffer the most. If you are planning to engage with an arranged marriage, read and understand first the pros and cons that are being associated with it before attempting to deal with the said matter. Respect towards elders and the conservative mind set paves the way for arranged marriages. It is a highly traditional practice in many Indian and Asian cultures, and has been practiced for centuries. Arranged marriages can even improve the social standing of a family. The structure of the Indian society is built up in such a way that first preference is given to the family values and the individual's choice follows after. Hence, can easily predict and control the behaviour.

An arranged marriage is one where the families have pre decided on a spouse for the child. Arranged marriages decline as the cultures and countries all over the world are influenced by the free choice marriage. That being said, an arranged marriage can easily become a forced marriage. Learn about the important facts about a sacred tradition, arranged marriages. I, as well as most in the western world, always thought of arranged marriages as a bad thing. On one hand, love marriages grants the opportunity to choose the partner but the responsibility of choosing the right person is also laid on the shoulders of the couple only. Women are generally restricted to the boundaries of homes environ and are prohibited to move independently in the society. For arranged-marriage (miai) husbands this decline was more gradual than for their love-match counterparts, so that in later stages the men who had experienced arranged marriages were more satisfied and experienced more love feelings. The arranged marriage has adjusted to modernization. In Indian society, arranged marriages are known to exist since ages.

Marriage is an institution that is considered successful, if, it lasts lifelong. Serena Nanda s interviewee shows profound reasoning for arranged marriages.