2nd grade animal research papers

Night Pumpkins. Directions can be found at Art Projects for Kids. Thank you. You ve made teaching about animals fun with these worksheets. Students will combine their images and information to create slide show presentations. Within each group the students had to work together to fill out a graphic organizer. Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas 7nd grade art projects 558 Pins 9. 6), spreadsheets and coding (Qtr.

They are trying to get all of the books checked in and shelved and here we are checking out arm loads of books about reptiles, mammals, fish and birds. Students will also learn to create simple animations using a stick figure animation program. You can also find more resources in our. Last week as we were learning about the characteristics of amphibians we checked out several books from our school library about different kinds of frogs. 9). ! Not only have our kids learned how to locate information in a book using the index, but they have learned some fascinating facts about a variety of animals.

) Enchanted Learning Over 85,555 Web Pages Sample Pages for Prospective Subscribers, or click belowBiology Animal Printouts Biology Label Printouts Biomes Birds Butterflies Dinosaurs Food Chain Human Anatomy Mammals Plants Rainforests Sharks Whales Physical Sciences: K-67 Astronomy The Earth Geology Hurricanes Landforms Oceans Tsunami Volcano Languages Dutch French German Italian Japanese (Romaji) Portuguese Spanish Swedish Geography/History Explorers Flags Geography Inventors US History Other Topics Art and Artists Calendars College Finder Crafts Graphic Organizers Label Me! Typing Lessons: Focus on typing accuracy and correct finger placement, not speed. . From Thorngrove School for this great idea. Good for early finishers, late arrivals, supplementation, differentiation. Search Create Log in Sign up Log in Sign up How can we help? Hopefully your school library will have as many books about each animal group as ours did.

8), and presentations (Qtr. We made sure that each member of the group had a part in every step of the project. Students create several slide show presentations. Students first picked previously painted paper squares to create the gr…My class made these after researching and learning about Arctic Animals. Thank you for sharing! Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Second grade Wayne Thiebaud pop art cupcakesNeed a quick winter project that adds a touch of the beauty of nature? These are wonderful!

After each group completed this activity they got to get up in front of the class and share what they had learned. 56k Followers Perfect end of the year art project or theme. File Distribution: Share assignment files using Dropbox, Google Drive, Box. (Thanks to Grace P. Com, Microsoft OneDrive or a shared network drive on your school network server. Easily usable for older grades. After looking at the books we got the idea to create a little research activity.

Enrichment: Use the enrichment activities to support regular classroom curricula. In the 9th Qtr, Students advance their typing skills and develop introductory presentation skills. It had to include a picture of the their frog in it s habitat and have facts they had learned printed on it. Second Grade Technology Lessons focus on typing skills development and word processing (Qtr. Students will use their research skills to find images and information. They loved it so much that we decided to extend the project and let our students research an animal from each of the other animal groups. 2nd grade animal research papers.

We divided our kiddos into groups of four and gave them each one of the frog books. Printouts Math Music Word Wheels Click to read our Privacy Policy The kids absolutely LOVED it! How about some beautiful Alpine trees with snow? FUN! This painting was done by a child at the Art Experience Studio in Torrence, California. In addition to printing the animals, you can copy a printout ( click here for instructions ) and paste it into a painting program (like Paint) and color the animal there. Speed will be acquired naturally over time in the future months and years of typing lessons. 7), research (Qtr. Then they had to make a poster about their frog.